About Us

FABAMALL is a free buy and sell website in Ghana for Ghanaian businesses and customers to trade easily. The platform is designed to help business owners have a digital version of their business. Our search indicated that most Ghanaian businesses are struggling to stay afloat due to limited visibility. It is a known fact any successful business thrives on existing and new customer base. And according to Google, more than 10 million Ghanaians are active internet users and we at Fabamall believe there's no market in Ghana with 10 million potential customers. 100's of thousands of these internet users search for products and services on the internet daily and businesses without online presence are missing out on increasing sales and reaching new customers hence Fabamall. Fabamall is designed to help business owners place their businesses in front of these millions of internet users for free. This platform albeit it's emphasis on business growth is 100% customercentric. It's aimed at helping customers find everything they need, when they need it and where they need it online. Even though there are millions of big, medium and small businesses all over Ghana, it's mostly difficult to locate businesses which deal in the items or services you seek especially in times of need. Fabamall allows users to search for products, services, brands and persons within one's locality and the whole of Ghana. It has been designed to connect businesses to their intended customers without hustles. With Fabamall, many local professionals can display their crafts beyond their immediate environment hence reaching consumers across the country. Registering your establishment on Fabamall offers you the opportunity to reach 1000s of potential customers daily because fabamall has features such as swapping and giving out free items which we believe will bring unlimited traffic to the platform. So don't wait get on board and expose your business, institution, brand, craft etc to 1000s locally and globally.

Take your business online with Fabamall Fabamall's prime goal is to give every business in Ghana online presence. We have learned by experience that relying on only brick and mortar establishment will slow down the growth of your business in this 21st century so we urge anyone seeking business growth to take advantage of Fabamall's wide range of features and grow their business rapidly. We have unique features such as premium packages, chat, follow, comment, like, business review as well as swapping and giving out out free items tailored to suit your particular business needs.

To business owners

On Fabamall, business owners can host and display their entire product line online. When people enter your online shop, they will feel like they have entered your physical shop because you can add pictures, prices and videos of all your products or services you render. You also indicate the specific location of your business for easy access. With our Ghana post gps integration, customers can find you easily. Customers can also rate your business based on their experiences to help potential customers choose you over your competition

To customers One can sit in the comfort his/her home and search through Fabamall's comprehensive business directory for their desired products, know the prices, make thorough enquiries before they set off to a particular shop. You get to view products from different shops and compare prices and choose the one comfortable for your pocket. With Fabamall, all businesses in Ghana and with their products and services are on your phone and in your pocket. Just click or type www.fabamall.com and browse through thousands of product from your home.

Our aim is to help every business in Ghana go online in order to help consumers find exactly what they need, when they need it and where they need it. We're committed to helping you grow your business successfully