Terms of Service

Welcome to Fabamall and thank you for patronising our service.

Terms of Service

These Terms of Service govern your access to and use of the Fabamall website. Please read these terms carefully and contact us if you have any questions. By accessing or using Fabamall, you agree to adhere to these Terms. Please note that these terms are subject to modification and updates of which you may or may not to be consulted.

Terms and our guidelines.

Every business or company has their own terms of use and here are ours

A. What we do

Fabamall assists you to find products, services, brands, persons and institutions in Ghana and beyond. a.Fabamall seeks to help business owners reach more customers which may in turn bolster their revenue. b.fabamall again seeks to aid consumers have access to relevant information on products and services which may satisfy their varying needs. c. Fabamall aims to reduce unemployment in Ghana since everyone can showcase their talents and gifts in the form products and services on the Fabamall website for free, why join the long queue of unemployed graduates when you can own an E-commerce shop in a heartbeat.

B.Using Fabamall Fabamall is accessible by all who comply with our terms of use without prejudice of any sort. Signing up and advertising your products or services on fabamall.com is free. However, should you choose to use our unique features, you'll have to agree to our fees in order to access these features. By registering on Fabamall, you grant Fabamall and our users unlimited and irrevocable access to your personal details and content which may include but not limited to photos, links and videos of you and what you do.

C. Do your Due Diligence

Before using Fabamall and its contents please understand that Fabamall cannot authenticate the accuracy and the legitimacy of the information posted on the platform. Information on services, products, brands, persons, institutions etc are posted by users and therefore we entreat you to do your due diligence which is to thoroughly research and validate the information posted before engaging in any trading activities with business owners or other entities.

D. Disclaimer

Information posted on the Fabamall platform isn't done by us, therefore Fabamall owners can't be held liable for any damages caused by your consumption of the content on Fabamall without proper checks on your part.

E. To business owners, institutions, brands etc

Entities who choose to access or use Fabamall to promote or advertise their services or products are hereby admonished to provide credible information in order not to mislead consumers. Entities are entreated not to post falsified information, scam, spam or or nudity on the Fabamall platform. Should any offense or disrespect be reported to Fabamall owners about a user, the perpetrator will have their account deactivated in a thrice.

F. To the consumer Consumers using Fabamall to search for products and services to satisfy their needs are advised to examine and ascertain the validity of the claims of entities before making any financial commitment or releasing confidential details to them.

G. No Guarantees Promoting your business on Fabamall is in no way a guarantee for instant boost in sales or progress of your business. To avoid disappointment, you're advised to keep going about your usual activities.

H. Privacy policy Protecting your privacy is extremely important to us. Therefore, Fabamall Team will under no circumstances release your personal details to any third party. Be rest assured your details stay confidential with Fabamall

I. Third party links Entities may post links which may redirect you to third party platforms. Should you choose to open such links and suffer malicious attacks, Fabamall wouldn't be held responsible as we didn't post such contents. It will be in your best interest to carefully evaluate all information before engagement of any sort.

J. Contact us For questions, suggestions or complaints, reach out to us via OUR CONTACT PAGE